Who is Harvey Segal?

Harvey Segal makes his living advising internet businesses. He has made the web his office for over a decade. He has been influential with websites and ebooks.

Before he ventured into web-based business, Segal worked in information technology. He had worked as a programmer, then as a manager before seeing the commercial potential of the internet. That was back in 1997, when the internet was in its infancy. He started by providing a wide range of tips for up and coming internet businesses, then decided to focus on niches when information sites became more common.

He believes that today’s internet businesses have a great advantage over yesterday’s. This is because of fast internet access, an overload of available knowledge, and a great number of software tools.

Segal runs two highly respected marketing websites: The Complete Guide to Ad Tracking Programs and The Complete Guide to ClickBank. Using his knowledge of pay-per-click advertisements, Segal provides great information to help affiliate marketers succeed at internet business.

He also convinced over 35 top internet marketers to reveal their secrets. He compiled these into his first ebook, Guru Magic. This went on to become an affiliate marketing must-read.

Segal is the mind behind the Supertips series of ebooks. Supertips are a resource available from Segal’s websites. They cover topics ranging from ad tracking and viral marketing to click bank and forum marketing. Many of his ebooks are free, though the information in them is no less valuable than paid ebooks. Even the free ebooks have a viral element, meaning that they can be re-branded with affiliate links.

Segal also encourages entrepreneurs to visit marketing forums and learn all they can. Forums will cover a range of topics, from new affiliate programs to software tools. By asking questions in a forum, a marketer can increase their knowledge exponentially.

Segal says that working from home has its advantages and disadvantages. One major disadvantage is information overload. As a business becomes more successful, a marketer needs some way to keep up with every new venture and customer. Segal stresses that automation is the answer to this problem. The more a site is automated, the easier the job becomes, especially when a business gets larger.

He recommends books by Tony Robbins, Jim Edwards, and Yanik Silver to keep motivated. He also praises the works of Phil Wiley, attributing his own success to one of Wiley’s books.

Segal lives in London with his wife and daughter. He enjoys watching football.

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